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Dental trauma from an accident or collision can account for about three million lost or broken teeth every year. While we strive to preserve a knocked-out tooth with dental care when possible, many times tooth loss results in the need to place a dental restoration in order to repair the damage.

If you have several missing teeth, you may need to receive a partial denture to regain proper oral function and improve your smile.

Dr. Casey Witty and our team are pleased to provide a variety of options for tooth replacement to ensure your smile is restored in a way that fits your needs and preferences. Patients who don’t prefer receiving dental implants often find that a custom partial denture effectively restores their smiles.

A partial is a type of denture that fills a section of the mouth that has lost several but not all teeth. It is made up of a pink base that mimics the look of the gums and is set with a few artificial teeth. Interlocking wires may be used to keep the appliance remain in place, though it is removable if needed.

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